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Your instructor - contact method listed in syllabus
Technical Assistance with Blackboard - (815) 224-0318

Blackboard Login

  1. Go to Blackboard
  2. Username:  K-number
  3. Password:  7-digit student ID number
  4. To update password:  Choose Personal Information, select Change Password

○ For a Blackboard password reset, submit a request through Student Help Desk Request. You will need your name, K-number, and 7-digit student ID number.

Browser Support

○ To see if your browser supports Blackboard, go to Blackboard Browser Checker.
○ Blackboard's supported browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. If a file does not open correctly, try using a different browser.

Issues and Resolutions

○ Course content will not be available in Blackboard until the first day of the semester. Some instructors may open a course early, check your student email for notification.
○ For common issues with Blackboard, see Blackboard Learn Help for Students. You can use the left menu to jump to other categories. Below are frequently asked items. Note:  Do not use the Ultra experience, stay with Original experience.
  • For information on navigating within Blackboard, see Blackboard Getting Started.
  • For information on discussion boards, see Blackboard Discussions.
  • For information on forums, see Blackboard Forums.
  • For information on sending emails through Blackboard, see Blackboard Email.