Blackboard Information

Course Feedback Surveys will run from March 22nd through March 29th. If your course has a survey, look for links in your email and Blackboard. Between March 27th and March 29th, you must take the survey before you can access your courses in Blackboard. For more information, visit

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Course Content and Test/Grade Questions
Your instructor - contact method listed in syllabus
Technical Assistance with Blackboard
Contact the Student Help Desk

Blackboard Login

  1. Go to Blackboard
  2. Username:  K-number
  3. Password:  7-digit student ID number
  4. To update password:  Choose Personal Information, select Change Password
  • For a Blackboard password reset, either:
    • Select Forgot Your Password at Blackboard. You will be prompted to enter your first name, last name, and K-number. The email address associated with your Blackboard account is your Eagle Mail account--allow a few minutes before you receive the email message containing the link to update your password.
    • Contact the Student Help Desk. You will need your name, K-number, and 7-digit student ID number.

Browser Support

  • To see if your browser supports Blackboard, go to Blackboard Browser Checker.
  • Blackboard's supported browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. If a file does not open correctly, try using a different browser

Online Testing

  • In order to use blackboard effectively, it is important to know how online testing works. For more information, visit Online Testing and Respondus.
  • It's also important to have Respondus Lockdown Browser installed and to know how it works. Visit the above link, and check out our Respondus Quick Start Guide as well.

Issues and Resolutions

  • Course content will not be available in Blackboard until the first day of the semester. Some instructors may open a course early, check your student email for notification.
  • Available in Spring 2022:  Alternative formats within Blackboard courses. To learn more, visit Ally Alternative Formats For Students.
  • For common issues with Blackboard, see Blackboard Learn Help for Students. You can use the left menu to jump to other categories. Below are frequently asked items. Note:  Do not use the Ultra experience, stay with Original experience.
  • For information on navigating within Blackboard, see Quick Start for Blackboard Learn.
  • For information on discussion boards, see Blackboard Discussions.
  • For information on forums, see Blackboard Forums.
  • For information on sending emails through Blackboard, see Blackboard Email.