Blackboard Issues for Fall 2017

How to log into Blackboard

Blackboard Login:  https://ivcc.blackboard.com/

  • Username:  K-Number
  • Password:  Seven-digit student ID number


Blackboard Recommended Browsers

  • Firefox v 31+
  • Chrome v 36+
  • Edge v 20+
  • Safari v 6+ on OSX

What if I receive the message "The username or password you typed is incorrect. Please try again. If you still cannot log in, contact your system administrator."

Are you a current IVCC student?  If no, you may not have a Blackboard account.

If you are certain you have a Blackboard account, perform the following steps in order:

  1. Verify your K-number and your 7-digit student ID number.  You may be entering the information incorrectly.  If you need assistance with finding your K-number and 7-digit student ID number, click here.  If you were entering either your username or password incorrectly, then try to log into Blackboard again. 
  2. You may need to clear your browser's cookies.  After you have cleared cookies, try to log into Blackboard again.  Keep in mind that by clearing cookies, you may be signed out of other programs and open webpages on your phone will be deleted.  A shortcut to clear your browser's cookies is Control+Shift+Delete, then you can uncheck everything except cookies (or leave more items checked, if preferred) and clear.  If you need instructions on what exactly are cookies and how to clear cookies, locate your browser and follow the instructions:
      • For Google Chrome instructions, click here.
      • For Android Phone Google Chrome user instructions, click here.
      • For Mozilla Firefox instructions, click here.
      • For MS Edge instructions, click here.
      • For MS Internet Explorer instructions, click here.
      • For Safari instructions, click here.
      • For iPhone user instructions, click here.
  3. You may need your Blackboard password reset.  Contact the Student Help Desk at Need Help? Ask Us!