Managing Blocked File Downloads

A Windows Security Update is blocking the launch of files downloaded from Blackboard or other Web sites.  This issue is specific to Office files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx).

Problem, when a student tries to download a file with an Office file extension from Blackboard, the file begins to launch, but then an error displays.

Work-around for single file

1.       Save the file to the desktop or other location

2.       Right-click on the file

3.       Select Properties

4.       Under the General Tab, click Unblock button.

Work-around 2 for classroom or home

1.       Open Internet Explorer

2.       From the configuration Cog or the Tools Menu, choose Internet Options

3.       In the Security Tab, Choose Trusted Sites

4.       Click Sites button

5.       Enter https://ivcc.blackboard.com

6.       Click Add

7.       Click Close

8.       Click OK