Chromebooks and IVCC Coursework

Important:  Chromebooks are designed for home use.  Experiences with using IVCC academic resources and web tools has been inconsistent.  IVCC does not recommend the use of Chromebooks.

Examples of issues related to Chromebook use:

Since the release of Chrome 45 (Sept 3, 2015), there is no longer support for NPAPI plugins.  These plugins are used by Silverlight (Colleague UI4), and Java (see below).  Users will need to switch to Firefox.  Chromebook users will need to use a different computer.

Blackboard uses Java for the following:

  • Instructor upload of multiple files to the Content Collection.
  • Virtual Classroom, which is not used by anyone to my knowledge.

Collaborate Web Conferencing seems to be working for conducting sessions, but administrative tasks are not allowed. 

Zoom Web Conferencing – There is no evidence of reliance upon Java.

Pearson MyLab products– The following types of tools may be affected. (See also: Pearsonarticle)

  • ClassLive or Chat
  • Math Equation Editor
  • MyMathLab or MyStatLab Applets
  • Mastering Study Area

McGraw Hill Connect uses Java. Instructors need Java to create assignment questions and to preview questions that use the Voiceboard. Students need Java to complete questions that use the Voiceboard.

Alexander Street Press Video Collections directs to http://browsehappy.com for an upgrade to the media player.

File Attachments using Google Docs

1)    Download the file attachment from your instructor, noting the location that the file is saving to on your computer.
2)    Log into your Google Account.
3)    From the Apps Menu, choose Docs


4)    From the Menu, select Drive.

google drive

5)    In your Google Drive, drop down the My Drive Menu, and select Upload Files.

gogole my drive

6)    Locate the file that you downloaded from Blackboard and Click Open.
7)    Double click on the file in your Drive to open in Google Docs.
8)    Edit the file.  Google Docs saves your edits automatically.
9)    When finished editing, choose File, then Download As.
10)    From the Download As menu, select Microsoft Word.
11)    If using Chrome, your downloads display in the lower-left corner of the browser.
Note: On a PC, you have the option of selecting Show in Folder from a drop-down arrow next to the file download indicator.  This will help you determine where the file is on your computer.

google your file(1)

12)    Go back to Blackboard and upload the file to the assignment.