Printing and Scanning

The following printing and scanning options are available to students:

  • Black-and-white prints in the Learning Commons, Jacobs Library, and Ottawa Center open lab - $.05 per page.
  • Color prints in the Learning Commons - $.25 per page.
  • Scan or copy in the Learning Commons or Jacobs Library. Black-and-white and color print fees apply.
  • Scan to USB, email, the printer, or Smartphone/Tablet in the Learning Commons and Library - free.

Add value to your printing account in the Learning Commons (D-201), Library (A-201) or at the Ottawa Center. 

This system was implemented May 20, 2013



Where can students get change for larger bills?

Jacobs Library can provide dollar bills for 5s or 10s. The library cannot take checks and provide cash for printing.  The Information Desk may be able to provide change. There is also a change vending machine and an ATM in the cafeteria.


Can I  use a credit cards to pay for my printing?

That may be an option in the future.


Can I get any balance refunded at the end of the semester?

There are no refunds at the end of the semester, but the value will carry over to the next semester.

The charge stations will only accept change and $1 and $5 bills. The $5 maximum bill size is intended to discourage large deposits on the account.  At this time, there is no limit on the amount of credit that can be added to each account.


Will value carry over to the next semester?



What if there is a printing problem and a student is charged for bad product?

If it is deemed a technical failure, Jacobs Library and Student Help Desk staff will be able to adjust the student's account balance.

Example: Printer jams and page is caught in printer.

When will the refund show on my account?

The refund will likely be processed within two business days.


What if I print something I don't want?

There are no refunds for accidental printing.  The system is designed to help students avoid accidental printing. The purpose of the system is to teach students to print responsibly. 

Example: Last page of a document is blank (teach students to use print preview and to print page ranges).


How can I avoid printing mistakes?

Always use print preview before printing, and only print the page or range of pages that you need.