IVCC Strategic Plan: 2018-2023

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IVCC Strategic Plan DRAFT (PDF)


The development of Illinois Valley Community College's 2018-2023 Strategic Plan began during the 2015-2016 academic year. Interact, Inc. was hired to perform an  environmental scan for the College and make preliminary marketing recommendations. The results of the environmental scan were used to inform SWOT analyses from representatives of each campus group from Board members to faculty and staff to students that took place throughout 2016. Communicated during the spring 2017 all-staff meeting, the results of the SWOT analysis were:

  • IVCC's strength is its people.
  • IVCC's weakness is the morale of those people.
  • IVCC's opportunities lay in the development of strong community partnerships.
  • IVCC's greatest threat is the uncertainty of the levels of continued state funding.

After a review of these results, the Strategic Leadership Planning Council (SLPC) recommended that institutional planning depended upon strong academic planning for its basis. Over the course of three in-services, the faculty developed the College's academic plan. Once completed and approved by the Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) and SLPC, the academic plan was used as the foundation for further institutional planning.

The goals of the academic plan formed the basis of discussion for institutional planning. These goals include:

  • Provide high-quality instructional programs in recognized and emerging fields of study that lead to successful completion of degrees, certificates, employment, and transfer.
  • Support excellence in teaching and learning through high-quality professional development, effective program review and assessment of student learning outcomes, and strategic selection and application of technological support.
  • Promote student persistence, retention, and completion by integrating academic support into the overall student experience.
  • Strengthen the campus culture of planning and informed decision-making by maximizing the use of research and increasing the transparency of the academic decision-making process.
  • Connect the classroom to the community through collaboration and partnerships with business, industry, education, government, cultural, and service organizations.
  • Model the values of diversity and inclusion in the classroom and across campus.

The academic plan places student learning at the center of the College's vision for the future. The plan prioritizes the academic activities the College will pursue to shape its foundation of quality instruction. Such a foundation will help maintain the excellence of instruction for which the College is known, ensure students graduate with meaningful credentials, and contribute to the workforce of the Illinois Valley. As such, the academic plan reinforces the College's commitment to the lifelong learning needs of the community. Whether a high school student completing college coursework or an employee returning to school to learn new skills, our students will take their knowledge and creativity to their homes, workplaces, and community organizations, thus affecting their families, co-workers, and fellow citizens and influencing the success of the Illinois Valley for generations.

With the completion of the academic plan, long-range institutional planning was kicked off during the fall 2017 Development Day. Faculty, administrators, and staff participated in a mission and vision workshop to provide a framework for a new mission and vision for the College. These, along with goals and objectives, were developed and refined by SLPC during the course of the academic year. A draft of the Strategic Plan was presented for feedback to the campus and community in April 2018.


Strategic Plan

Illinois Valley Community College provides a high-quality, accessible, and affordable education that inspires individuals and our community to thrive.

Illinois Valley Community College is the preferred gateway to advance individual and community success.

Core Values

Responsibility: We will follow through on our commitments and welcome constructive assessment and suggestions for improvement. We will meet performance expectations for personal and professional conduct.

Caring: We will nurture a culture of mutual appreciation; cultivate empathy and a compassionate response to others.

Honesty: We will speak and act truthfully, without hidden agendas—admitting when we make mistakes or do not know, avoiding silence when it may be misleading, identifying and working with each other to communicate and solve problems.

Fairness: We will treat students and colleagues equitably, without favoritism or prejudice, giving all the benefit of the doubt and providing opportunities for individual success.

Respect: We will consider the talents, feelings and contributions of everyone in our interactions and behaviors; practice active listening and collaborating in our daily work; base our relationships on the essential dignity of each individual; value diverse cultures, backgrounds, lifestyle and abilities; and understand that inclusion makes us stronger and able to perform at higher levels.


Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Raise community appreciation for post-secondary education and the opportunities it provides.

  • Promote IVCC's educational opportunities so as to optimize enrollments.
  • Solicit community feedback and participation in the development and enhancement of IVCC's programs.
  • Create and coordinate opportunities for community engagement in order to highlight IVCC's contributions to the community.

Goal 2: Provide resources and support systems that cultivate success for our students, employees, and community.

  • Enhance the student experience by continuously improving teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom
  • Develop interventions that address students' academic, social, emotional, and financial needs.
  • Create and maintain a dynamic workplace that supports employees' personal and professional growth.
  • Develop sustainable partnerships that contribute to the economic success of the individual and the community.

Goal 3: Serve as responsible stewards of college, community, state, and donor resources.

  • Leverage human resources to maximize student learning, satisfaction, and safety.
  • Plan and manage fiscal resources proactively to balance revenue with expenses.
  • Design, supply, and maintain an environment that is conducive to student learning and
    community well-being.


The College has key performance indicators that it uses to measure and track its progress. Each indicator is comprised of metrics with internal targets that are benchmarked locally or nationally where possible. The College's strategic goals are mapped to the key performance indicators in the following manner:

Strategic Goal Key Performance Indicator(s)
 Goal 1: Raise community appreciation for post-secondary education and the opportunities it provides. KPI 2 Success After IVCC
KPI 5 District Population Served
 Goal 2: Provide resources and support systems that cultivate success for our students, employees, and community. KPI 1 Student Academic Success
KPI 3 Support for Students
KPI 4 Support for Employees
 Goal 3: Serve as responsible stewards of college, community, state, and donor resources. KPI 6 Resource Management

IVCC's Key Performance Indicators can be viewed at https://www.ivcc.edu/kpi/.


Toward the Future

IVCC is committed to its responsibility as a contributing member of the Illinois Valley community. This strategic plan emphasizes the College's commitments to providing quality education to its students, excellent resources and experiences to its community, and innovative contributions to its businesses. This strategic plan is grounded by an academic plan that reinforces the importance of excellent post-secondary education to the quality of life for the citizens of the Illinois Valley

The goals and objectives outlined in this strategic plan will inform annual action plans that will be developed by each department. These plans will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis as a means of keeping the College reaching toward and fulfilling its goals. Already, the President's annual plan has identified its strategic initiatives for the 2019 fiscal year, including:

  • Focus on enrollments in all programs with emphasis on high school relationships.
  • Launch new programs: 1) Certified Medical Assistant, 2) Cybersecurity and 3) Agronomy.
  • Maintain fiscal discipline and adequate reserves.
  • Build upon recent success of new fundraising initiatives.
  • Submit interim strategic planning report to Higher Learning Commission by November 2018.
  • Update succession plan.

The success of IVCC, as always, is tied to the success of our students. Our hope is that this strategic plan will continue our tradition of high quality education in the Illinois Valley.