Information Literacy

Definition: Information Literacy is the ability to recognize the need for information and access, evaluate and use the needed information effectively and ethically while incorporating computer technology. 

An Information Literate person searches, organizes, uses resources, and produces proficiently.  Search is the ability to methodically access information from a variety of resources.  Organize is the ability to strategically evaluate and arrange gathered information.  Use resources is the ability to effectively incorporate various tools to retrieve, assemble and present information.  Produce is the ability to successfully generate a product that synthesizes information in an organized, meaningful and ethical manner.

Focus Areas

Evaluating Sources (2010-2011)
Plagiarism Awareness (2011-2013)


Jacobs Library
IVCC Stylebook
IVCC Computer Literacy
ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education


Last updated February 25, 2013.