Security at IVCC

Campus Alerts

Campus Security
815-739-1290 (Cell)
Tony Piecha, Supervisor - 815-224-0558 

Companies, in general, have three assets - people, buildings, and equipment.  Every company prioritizes those three assets differently.  At IVCC, our students, employees, and guests are our primary assets.

Your safety and security are important to us. IVCC administration strives to make this campus a safe environment.  However, ALL of us play a role in creating a safe environment and it is critical that you are aware of your surroundings and the policies and procedures that are in place in case an emergency does occur. 

Every classroom, meeting room, and office area has an evacuation route map and an Immediate Action Guide hung in the room.  Please take the time to review those documents.  Emergency documents are effective, IF they are reviewed prior to an actual emergency.

Please also review the following documents - the Emergency Response Plan and the Campus Violence Protection Plan.  These two documents give more detailed information on what to do in an emergency situation. 

No one expects an emergency to occur at IVCC, but it is better to be SAFE than sorry.

Emergency Response Plan
Campus Violence Prevention Plan
Immediate Action Guide

Other important safety and security information:

Emergency Campus Closures
Emergency Alert System
Campus Security Measures - A Letter from IVCC's President
IVCC Crime Statistics