Social Security Number/TIN Questions

Can I still attend IVCC if I don’t have a SSN/TIN?

While the IRS requires IVCC to request SSNs/TINs, you do not need one to register for classes.  However, please see below.


What happens if I fail to provide IVCC with a SSN/ITIN?

The IRS requires us to notify students that failure to provide a SSN or ITIN could result in a financial penalty by the IRS to the student. Further, the student may not be allowed to claim the American Opportunity Tax Credit if an SSN or ITIN is not provided by the annual tax filing deadline. For more details, please see section 6109 of the Internal Revenue Code.


How do I provide my SSN/ITIN to IVCC?

Go to the Registration Office in Building CTC, Room 101, or complete the W-9S form and mail it to:

IVCC - Registration Office
815 N. Orlando Smith Road
Oglesby, IL  61348