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Last updated October 15, 2020

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Excellent Online Teaching @ IVCC

Fall 2020 Offering: November 4-24, 2020
Facilitators:  Mary Black and Jill Urban Bollis
Workshop Flier
Registration deadline:  October 28, 2020
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Student Academic Services and Support

For Faculty

About the Assessment Center

We are offering limited testing and other services in the Oglesby Campus testing Center.  Visit www.ivcc.edu/assessmentcenter for more information.

  • The Assessment Center is not proctoring testing for IVCC classes or classes for other colleges or universities.
  • Reporting on red Scantrons is not available
  • Green Scantrons are still available through the Copy Center

About using Blackboard...

Please think of Blackboard as your “virtual classroom”. Students will “show up” there looking for you. They’ll want to know how to connect with you and where to find class materials. If you are already an active user of Blackboard, you’ll have announcements, course information, and other content ready for your students. If you are choosing not to use Blackboard, we need you to “post a sign” just as you would in a physical classroom on campus. This would be in the form of an announcement indicating who you are, how to contact you, and what students should do to locate class materials.

There is no mandate at IVCC to use Blackboard. However, our most streamlined intake process for all students, and especially online students, is to direct them to IVCC email and to Blackboard for class information. When they go there and do not “find you”, they are lost. And when we check Blackboard to try to assist them, we don’t know where to send them. They wander the cyberspace hallways looking for you! Please help us help them by making your contact and course information available in Blackboard.  If you need help posting an announcement, we’ll be glad to assist or we’ll even do it for you; we just need to know how to reach you and what to tell students.  If you would like help, call CETLA at 815-224-0530.

IVCC Continuity of Academic Operations Plan