Welcome to the IVCC Nursing home page. IVCC Offers a career ladder program in nursing. The program includes the:

Associate Degree in Nursing

Licensed Practical Nursing Certificate

Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate

Nursing Informational Meeting

National Organization for Associate Degree Nurses (NOADN)


Bruch, Ann RN, MSN
Campbell, Bonnie RN, MSN
Francisco, Margie RN, MSN
Hamilton, Nora RN, MSN
Hanley, Linda RN, MS
Hodgson, Laura RN, BSN
Hogue, Julie RN, MSN
Mammano, Pam RN, MS
Nink, Tina RN, MS
Pence, Pat RN, MS
Pumo, Deborah RN, MS, Ed. D
Savoia, Jennifer, RN, MS
 Stecken, Karie RN, MSN
Whiteaker, Samantha RN, MSN

The nursing office is located in Building A-217. For more information continue with the web pages or contact:

Bonnie Bennett-Campbell RN, MSN
Interim Director of Nursing
(815) 224-0481
Email: Bonnie_Campbell@ivcc.edu