Physical Sciences

Welcome to the physical sciences home page. The physical sciences is encompassed within the Division of Natural Sciences and usiness. The physical sciences offered at IVCC include CHEMISTRY, Geography, GEOLOGY, and PHYSICS. Geography and Geology laboratory programs, however, are housed in the LIFE SCIENCES laboratory.

Physical Science Lab - E-101 



The physical science laboratory supports all of the labs for the Chemistry and Physics departments. The lab is operated in an open laboratory manner in which the students may work in the lab any time it is open. This allows the students a great deal of flexibility for scheduling other classes. There are experiments for up to seven different classes set up in the lab at any one time. The students are given anywhere from one to two weeks to complete an experiment. The students are expected to schedule enough time into their schedule in order to complete the required laboratory assignments in the given amount of time. The students receive hands-on experience in many areas including but not limited to Gas Chromatography, Atomic Absorption, FT-Infrared Spectroscopy, and various computer based laboratory experiences.

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Laboratory Faculty

Larry Ault - Larry_Ault@ivcc.edu