Writing Center Earns International Certification

Illinois Valley Community College's Writing Center recently earned International Tutor Training Program Certification from the College Reading and Learning Association. IVCC joins approximately 20 other ITTPC colleges and universities in Illinois.

Writing Center director Nora Villarreal said, “We’re very proud of this distinction. Our training program ensures our tutors are well-versed in the best skills for effective tutoring.”

The training program consists of nine sessions along with requirements for assessment, observation and reflection and can be completed in a semester or a school year. Writing Center tutors are paid for their training.

ITTPC institutions use internationally accepted standards of skills and training to create effective programs. Tutors who complete the entire program earn Level One certification, which can transfer with them to other ITTPC institutions.

“A tutor with Level One certification may be a more appealing candidate at a transfer institution,” said Villarreal. “Already having this credential may potentially save both the tutor and transfer institution trainer time and money.”

She added, “The credential certainly helps potential transfer tutors stand out from the crowd and students who aspire to become English majors, teachers, writers, journalists, editors or publishers may also find the program beneficial.”

For information, contact Villarreal at (815) 224-0331 or visit crla.net and click on "certifications."