Limited seats available in IVCC automotive classes beginning Aug. 18

JULY 19, 2021

Limited seats are available in Illinois Valley Community College’s automotive classes this fall beginning Wednesday, Aug. 18.

Students with or without automotive experience have several class options.

In Basic Gas Engines, students learn how to service gasoline piston engines. Hands-on lab work includes disassembly, cleaning, inspecting, measuring, recording, machining and reassembly. Students are encouraged to supply their own engine.

Basic Automotive Electricity covers voltage, current, resistance, series and parallel circuits, digital multimeter, digital storage oscilloscope, basic electronics, wiring diagrams, batteries, starting systems, and charging systems.

Service Management deals with management principles, resume writing, job interviewing, formation of a business, hiring and firing, bookkeeping, job estimating, profitability, insurance, EPA and OSHA regulations and computer management systems.

In Brake Systems, students learn about disc and drum brake designs, hydraulics, master cylinder and power assist units, valves, and anti-lock brakes.

Automatic Transmissions covers planetary gear operation, application devices, hydraulics and torque converters. Students will diagnose transmission problems and rebuild automatic transmissions/trans-axles.

Students who have taken Basic Gas Engines and Engine Performance may take the more advanced courses.

In Advanced Engine Performance and Driveability, students learn distributor, distributorless, optical, and coil-on-plug electronic ignition systems.

Students service vehicles in lab and diagnose problems using the 4-gas analyzer, oscilloscopes and scanners. Students do tune-ups and solve problems such as lack of engine power, poor fuel economy, and engine driveability issues.

Fuel Systems and Emission Controls covers fuel injection and direct fuel injection, computer controls, sensors, forced induction intake systems and exhaust systems. Positive crankcase ventilation, exhaust gas recirculation, air management, catalytic converters and evaporative control systems will also be covered.

Instructor Art Koudelka said, “Qualified technicians are in high-demand in dealerships and independent shops. Our students learn all about automotive systems to ensure a well-rounded education.”

Register in admissions or call (815) 224-0447. For questions about the class, call instructor Koudelka at (815) 224-0220 or email