2020 Academic Challenge winners

FEBRUARY 14, 2020

La Salle-Peru High School, Seneca High School and St. Bede Academy each won their respective team divisions at the Feb. 7 Illinois Valley Community College Regional Academic Challenge sponsored by Eastern Illinois University.

LP won Division 1500 (enrollments of 701-1500) followed by Ottawa and Streator; Seneca captured Division 700 (enrollments of 301-700) followed by Mendota and Hall; and St. Bede took Division 300 (300 or less) followed by Midland and Marquette Academy.

In all, 217 students from 11 teams competed.

Teams finishing first or second, along with individuals finishing first or second in each division and testing category, advance to the Eureka College sectional on March 13. State finals are April 20-23 at EIU, said IVCC Academic Challenge coordinator Ron Groleau, Dean of Natural Sciences and Business.

Each participant took two exams from among seven possible disciplines: biology, English, math, computer science, physics, engineering graphics or chemistry.

Division 300 winners: Biology: Kathryn Siena, Marquette, first; Angelo Weyer, Marquette, second; and Donny Zitt and Sean Kissel of Marquette tied for third. Chemistry: Jacob Schirz, St. Bede, first; Elaina Wamhoff, St. Bede, second; and Macy Bosnich, St. Bede, third.

Computer Science: Dylan Zupec, Putnam County, first; Ben Johll, St. Bede, second; Jacob Schirz and Thomas Matlock, St. Bede tied for third. Engineering Graphics: Nathan Scherer, Marquette, first; Gene Rasmussen, Midland, second; and Wyatt Smith, Marquette, third. English: Ben Johll, St. Bede, first; Paige Terando, Putnam County, second; and Chloe Garkey and Sean Kissel, Marquette tied for third.

Mathematics: John Shen, Marquette, first; Calvin Deering, LaMoille, second, and Ryker Ewing, Midland, third. Physics: Riley Grandsart, Midland and Sam Maschmann, St. Bede, first; John Shen, Marquette, second; and Adam Curry, Putnam County, Tina Li, St. Bede and Ashley Chirchirillo, Midland tied for third.

Division 700 winners: Biology: Harvey Vela, Mendota, first; Liam Indigo, Mendota, second; and Kyler Lapp, Hall, third. Chemistry: Danny Widman, Seneca, first; Jenna Goslin, Seneca, second; and Faith Anderson, Mendota, third. Computer Science: Jacob Ursua, Seneca, first; Ted Landgraf, Mendota, second; and Abigail Draper, Hall, third.

Engineering Graphics: Jacob Ursua, Seneca, first; Carson Collet, Seneca, second; and Josh Wiley, Mendota, third. English: Paige Blackburn, Hall, first; Danny Widman, Seneca, second; and Levi Maierhofer, Seneca, third.

Mathematics: Jacob Brown, Seneca, first; Abigail Draper, Hall, second; Sarah Croasdale, Hall, third. Physics: Mark Parlier and Paige Blackburn,  Hall, tied for first; Madi Mikolasek, Mendota and Tommy Cahill, Seneca, tied for second; and Garret Granby, Seneca, third.

Division 1500 winners: Biology: Jonny Johnson, LP, first; Shea Rathburn, LP, second; and Marianna Carus and Ben Phillips, Ottawa, tied for third. Chemistry: Kenny Gray, Ottawa, first; Klaire Phillis and Mason Pshak, Streator, tied for second; and Victoria Snook, Ottawa, third. Computer Science: Keeton Kowalski, LP, first; Rogelio Valle and Sam Scolari, LP, tied for second; and Joseph Barroso, LP, third.

Engineering Graphics: Kyle Szewczuk, Ottawa, first; Makaia Decker, Krish Patel and Noah Trolinger, Ottawa, tied for second; and Keegan Nagle, Ottawa, third. English: Edie Smelko, Ottawa and Shea Rathburn, LP, tied for first; Regan O’Fallon, Ottawa, second; and Joseph Barroso, LP and Sydney Craig, Ottawa, tied for third.

Mathematics: Nathan Beck, Streator, first; Greg Rashid, Streator, second; and Ryan Thrush, Ottawa, third. Physics: Lucki Scudder, Streator, first; Alex England, Streator, second; and Regan Linde, Ottawa and Nathan Beck, tied for third.