Vision, Mission, Goals and Core Values

Vision Statement

Leading our community in learning, working and growing.


Mission Statement

IVCC teaches those who seek and is enriched by those who learn.


The Purposes of IVCC are:

* The successful completion of courses and degrees required for effective transfer to baccalaureate degree programs.

* Occupational/technical courses, certificates and degrees leading directly to successful employment or transfer into baccalaureate degree programs.

* Courses and academic support services designed to prepare students to succeed in college-level coursework.

* Continuing education courses and community activities that encourage lifelong learning and contribute to the growth and enrichment of students in our community.

* Student support services to assist in developing personal, social, academic and career goals.

* Academic and student support programs designed to supplement and enhance teaching and learning.


Principles of Work

Illinois Valley Community College is a system of programs, services and people – the entire system committed to continuous improvement.  Nothing stays the same; everything is in a constant process of discovery, creating, and accomplishment.  The people of IVCC daily strive to improve the organization’s work systems and processes toward higher levels of satisfaction, achievement, and excellence among students and other stakeholders.


College Goals

1. Assist all students in identifying and achieving their educational and career goals.

2. Promote the value of higher education.

3. Grow and nurture all resources needed to provide quality programs and services.

4. Promote understanding of diverse cultures and beliefs.

5. Demonstrate IVCC’s core values through an inclusive and collaborative environment.


Core Values - ReaCH FaR 

We will follow through on our commitments, welcome constructive assessment and suggestions for improvement.  We will meet performance expectations for personal and professional conduct.  We will be accountable for appropriate, efficient, and effective use of resources.

We will nurture a culture of mutual appreciation, cultivate empathy and a compassionate response to others.

We speak and act truthfully, without hidden agenda – saying when we make mistakes or do not know, avoiding silence when it may be misleading, identifying and working with each other to communicate and solve problems.

We treat students and colleagues equitably, without favoritism or prejudice, giving all the benefit of the doubt, and providing opportunities for individual success.

We will consider the talents, feelings and contributions of all in our interactions and behaviors; practice active listening and collaborating in our daily work; base our relationships on the essential dignity of each individual, value diverse cultures, backgrounds, lifestyle and abilities; understand that inclusion makes us stronger and able to perform at higher levels.


Valued Practices


We recognize students as the primary reason we exist. Students are welcomed into a caring and secure environment in which their individual needs and interests are addressed. We appreciate their achievements and contributions to our community.

Employees and Volunteers

We recruit and promote the development of employees and volunteers who are committed to carrying out the college's mission, vision and valued practices.

Public Trust

We strive to earn and sustain the public trust through prudent stewardship of our human, financial, material and environmental resources. We are honest and accountable to the community.

Teaching and Learning

We offer quality teaching and encourage lifelong learning to prepare responsible citizens. We continually explore teaching and learning opportunities created by evolving research and technology. Further, instruction and learning outcomes are actively assessed to insure our high standards.


We build and maintain partnerships with businesses, industries, educational institutions and community organizations which serve as a critical link in the economic, civic, educational and cultural development of our district.


We promote knowledge of human diversity as a source of growth and development. We honor our shared community by welcoming new ideas and educating people to become mature, civil and respectful of others.