Fines and Fees @ Jacobs Library

IVCC overdue notices are sent to patrons as a courtesy.  The library does not assume responsibility for fines resulting from unreceived or unread mail or email.

Fines are payable when incurred, or they are recorded and may be paid at a later date. If a student accumulates a fine or has materials which are overdue, library service for the student is discontinued and a library hold is placed on his/her record until cleared by the library. The student will not be allowed to register for future classes, and transcripts will not be sent out for that student until the record is cleared.

Fines and fees at Jacobs Library


50¢ per item per day

Reserve materials

$2.00 per item per day

Interlibrary Loan

The lending library reserves the right to bill the borrower for any overdue or lost book charges.

Lost books*

The total cost includes the replacement cost of the item plus a processing fee of $35.00.

*Jacobs Library will allow patrons to purchase a replacement copy of a book that they have lost.  The replacement copy must meet the following criteria and is subject to the approval of the library staff.

  • Must be clean.  No writing, marks, spills, smells or mold.
  • Cover and pages are not torn or bent.
  • Binding is tight.  No loose or missing pages.
  • Must be the same edition or newer.
  • Must bring in the replacement book and the $35 processing fee to the library in order to have their account cleared.