Fines and Fees @ Jacobs Library

IVCC overdue notices are sent to patrons as a courtesy.  The library does not assume responsibility for fines resulting from unreceived or unread mail or email.

Fines and fees at Jacobs Library


50¢ per item per day

Reserve materials

$2.00 per item per day

Interlibrary Loan

The lending library reserves the right to bill the borrower for any overdue or lost book charges.

Lost books*

The total cost includes the replacement cost of the item plus a processing fee of $35.00.

*Jacobs Library will allow patrons to purchase a replacement copy of a book that they have lost.  The replacement copy must meet the following criteria and is subject to the approval of the library staff.

  • Must be clean.  No writing, marks, spills, smells or mold.
  • Cover and pages are not torn or bent.
  • Binding is tight.  No loose or missing pages.
  • Must be the same edition or newer.
  • Must bring in the replacement book and the $35 processing fee to the library in order to have their account cleared.