Online Library Catalog:    MyAccount

MyAccount enables you to do several things:

·   Check the due dates of the items you have checked out from IVCC and                any I-Share library
·   Renew materials you have checked out
·   View the status of your interlibrary loan requests
·   Check whether you have any fines

 Accessing MyAccount

1)   From the library web page at https://www.ivcc.edu/library click on the link to the “Library Catalog” or go to https://i-share.carli.illinois.edu/ivc/
2)   Select “MyAccount” from the bar at the top of the page.
3)   Complete the login form.
       If you click MyAccount from within the IVCC catalog, you will not see the "Select Your Home Library"
       field.  This field will only appear if you click MyAccount from the I-Share catalog.
       Your Library Borrower ID is the 14 digit number that appears on your IVCC ID card under the barcode. 
       It begins with 24611.

Screen shot of Voyager My Account screen.

4)  Review borrower information.
5)  When finished, click Logout to prevent unauthorized access to your account.


Borrower Information

When reviewing your borrower information in MyAccount, you have several options.

Determine Due Dates
Materials that you have checked out are grouped by owning library, and then, within the group, by date.  You will be able to renew items from the IVCC library and from other I-Share libraries.  However, if an item reaches the renewal limit (which varies from institution to institution), if the item has the status of lost, or if the item has been recalled, you will not be able to renew it and should return it to the library.

Renew Items
You may renew items from IVCC and other I-Share libraries through MyAccount.  To renew an item:
1)      Check the box to the left of the item title(s).
2)      Click “Renew Selected Items”.
3)      Review item status messages for notices that items could not be renewed and/or to see the new due dates.

Status of Requested Items
After placing a request in the Online Library Catalog, the status of the request can be seen in MyAccount.  If you want to cancel a request before it is processed, you can do so by checking the box to the left of the title and then clicking “Cancel Selected Requests”.

The status of the item you requested will have one of the following:
1)      Outstanding – the library receiving your request has not yet retrieved the request from the computer.
2)      Pending – the library receiving your request has retrieved the request and they are locating the item to send.
3)      In Transit – the library receiving your request has found the item and it has been sent to IVCC.
4)      On Hold – IVCC has received your item and you can pick it up.

If you owe any fines, they will be listed here.  You may pay your IVCC fines in the library at the Circulation Desk.  If you owe fines to other I-Share libraries, you will receive a bill in the mail from them and you pay them directly. 

If you have any questions or need assistance in using MyAccount, please call Jacobs Library at 224-0306.