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Airway Care: Tracheostomy Care, Tube Change, and Artificial Airway Cuff Management (VIDM239R-T)

Beginning Pediatric Nursing: Adolescents  (VID78781D-T)

Beginning Pediatric Nursing: Neonate, Infant, and Toddler (VID78781A-T)

Beginning Pediatric Nursing: Preschoolers (VID78781B-T)

Beginning Pediatric Nursing: School-Age Children (VID78781C-T)

Caring for the Stoma, Caring for the Patient (VIDM216-T)

Cultural Awareness in Healthcare: An Action Plan (VID78796B-T)

Cultural Awareness in Healthcare: Understanding the Need (VID78796A-T)

Diabetes in Clinical Practice (VIDM231-T)

Medicating Children - Preventing Medication Errors and General Considerations (VID78621U-T)

Nursing Negligence: What You Need To Know (VID78753RA-T)

Nursing Process and Critical Thinking: The Nursing Process (VID78792-T)

Obstetrical Nursing: Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section (VID78798FR-T)

Obstetrical Nursing: Caring for the Antepartum Patient (VID78798AR-T)

Obstetrical Nursing: Complications of Pregnancy (VID78798CR-T)

Obstetrical Nursing: Electronic Fetal Monitoring (VID78798BR-T)

Obstetrical Nursing: Labor and Delivery (VID78798DR-T)

Obstetrical Nursing: Newborn Stabilization and Care (VID78798GR-T)

Obstetrical Nursing: Pain Control (VID78798ER-T)

Respiratory Distress in the Pediatric Patient: Anatomy, Physiology, and Breath Sounds (VIDM269A-T)

Respiratory Distress in the Pediatric Patient: Assessment and Intervenion (VIDM269B-T)