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Academic, Technical, and Personal Support

NSO C2C PromoNew Student Orientation: Connect to Complete

The Learning Resources division participates in New Student Orientation: Connect to Complete.  Look for this logo on department websites and visit www.ivcc.edu/orientation to learn more.

Assessment Center

www.ivcc.edu/assessment | assessmentcenter@ivcc.edu  | 815-224-0542 | Appointments: www.registerblast.com/ivcc | E-215 Oglesby Campus

Disability Services

www.ivcc.edu/disabilityservices tina_hardy@ivcc.edu  | 815-224-0634 | C-211 Oglesby Campus | Disability Services Video

Jacobs Library

www.ivcc.edu/library | jacobs_library@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0306 | A-201 Oglesby Campus | Jacobs Library Video

Online Learning

www.ivcc.edu/online | shd@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0318 | D-201 Oglesby Campus

Peer Tutoring

www.ivcc.edu/tutoring | peer_tutoring@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0479 | Learning Commons, D-201 Oglesby Campus | Peer Tutoring Video

Student Help Desk

www.ivcc.edu/myIVCC | shd@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0318 | Learning Commons, D-201 Oglesby Campus | Student Help Desk Video

Success Coaching for Students

www.ivcc.edu/lrcanhelp | peggy_schneider@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0634 | C-211 Oglesby Campus

Writing Center

www.ivcc.edu/writingcenter  | writingcenter@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0637 | Learning Commons, D-201 Oglesby Campus | Writing Center Video


https://you.ivcc.edu/ | An online portal for support to help you succeed, thrive, and matter any day in college, especially in trying times. 

Computer and Internet Access

  • Wifi is available at all IVCC locations
  • Ottawa Center computer lab
  • Jacobs Library, Oglesby Campus
  • Learning Commons, Oglesby Campus, D-201
  • Loaner webcams are available in the Learning Commons and Jacobs Library
  • We recommend personal earbuds or headsets be used; we may have a limited supply to provide.