Learning Resources

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Academic, Technical, and Personal Support

IVCC provides academic, technical, and personal support services in-person and online.  Link to this page: www.ivcc.edu/learningresources 

Assessment Center

www.ivcc.edu/assessment | assessmentcenter@ivcc.edu  | 815-224-0542


www.ivccbookstore.com | bookstore@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0311

Code of Conduct

The IVCC Student Code of Conduct outlines instances in which disciplinary action may be taken when a student commits or attempts to commit misconduct.  Concerns about the IVCC Code of Conduct can be addressed with Mark Grzybowski, Vice President of Student Services, 815-224-0393.

College Emergencies

www.ivcc.edu | 815-224-2720
In the event of an emergency, IVCC may broadcast messages on the IVCC website, district radio stations, IVCC social media, and the college’s automated phone message, (815) 224-2720. College-wide communication may also be sent through IVCC Alerts (text), IVCC email, and Blackboard.

Computer and Internet Access

  • Wifi is available at all IVCC locations
  • Ottawa Center computer lab
  • Jacobs Library, Oglesby Campus
  • Learning Commons, Oglesby Campus, D-201
  • Loaner webcams are available in the Learning Commons and Jacobs Library
  • We recommend personal earbuds or headsets be used; we may have a limited supply to provide.

Disability Services

www.ivcc.edu/disabilityservices tina_hardy@ivcc.edu  | 815-224-0634 | Disability Services Video

Jacobs Library

www.ivcc.edu/library | jacobs_library@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0306 | Jacobs Library Video

Online Learning

www.ivcc.edu/online | patrice_hess@ivcc.edu  | 815-224-0462

Peer Tutoring

www.ivcc.edu/tutoring | peer_tutoring@ivcc.edu | Learning Commons, D-201 | Peer Tutoring Video

Personal Counseling Assistance Program (PCAP)

Community Technology Center (CTC), room 202 | 815-224-0360 or 815-224-0324 | www.ivcc.edu/counseling | PCAP Program

The IVCC Personal Counseling Assistance Program (P-CAP) provides confidential and professional counseling assistance to enrolled students in emergency situations.  

Success Coaching for Students

Learning Resources can help coach you through the semester!  Learn more about scheduling an appointment.

Student Consumer Information

The Student Consumer Information page provides links to a number of student resources including Financial Aid, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Health and Safety, Substance Abuse, and Safe Journeys (domestic violence and sexual assault service).

Student Help Desk

www.ivcc.edu/myIVCC | shd@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0318 | Learning Commons, D-201 | Student Help Desk Video

Writing Center

www.ivcc.edu/writingcenter  | writingcenter@ivcc.edu | 815-224-0637 | Learning Commons, D-201 | Writing Center Video



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