Illinois Valley Community College uses the following models of Cisco IP phones: 7499, 7941 and 7965.  To find the users guide for your particular phone, go to the website:  
and login with your username and password.


  • Under the User Options pull down menu on the left, click on the device button
  • Click on download user guide to download and save a copy of the user guide for your phone

Below are some basic instructions for using your phone and voice mail followed by some frequently asked questions, if you have a question about using your phone, please call the help desk at X555.

IP Phone Instructions

Voice Mail Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions


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IP Phone Instructions:

Options for placing a call:

  • Lift the handset and dial the number
  • Press the line button for your extension, then dial.
  • Press the Speaker button, and then dial.
    Press the NewCall soft key, and then dial.
  • If you are using a headset, press the Headset button, then dial.
  • If you have established speed dial numbers, press a speed dial button.
  • If you have selected a number from a directory, press the Dial soft key.

To make an external call
1. Dial 7 + 1 + the number
2. Examples: 7+1+815+2351400 for a local number
                    7+1+405+2351400 for a long distance number
                    7+011+44+207+7061000 for an international number

To dial 911
Dial 911. NOTE: 7+911 WILL NOT WORK!

To end a call:

  • Hang up the handset.
  • If you are using a headset, press the Headset button or the
    EndCall soft key.
  • If you are using the speakerphone, press the Speaker button or
    the EndCall soft key.

To redial a number:
To redial the most recently dialed number, press the Redial soft key.

To speed dial from a directory menu:
1. Press the Directories button.
2. Find the directory that you want, and then press the corresponding item number. For example, press 3 for Placed Calls.
3. Press the Dial soft key to speed dial a selected number. Press EditDial to add or remove digits before dialing. 
Note: To enter any letter on your LCD screen, use a corresponding number key. Press the key one or more times to display a particular letter. For example, press 2 once for “a,” twice for “b,” and three times for “c.” To back up, press the << soft key.

To view missed calls:
1. Press the Directories button.
2. Press 1 for Missed Calls.

Conference calls using your office phone:

To join 2 calls together - you could join several calls on one line to create a conference call
1. Select Join
2. Select the other call with the up/down arrow
3. Select Join again.

Another way would be to place a conference call:
1. During a call, press the more soft key and then the Confrn soft key to open a new line and put the first party on hold.
2. Place a call to another number.
3. When the call connects, press Confrn again to add the new party to the call.

Conference Calls using the Conference Phone

  • Conference phone can be reserved by calling the Help Desk at X555.
  •  You can conference in 7 lines (8 connections with person calling).  Conference phone needs to be hooked into any network port.
  • Dial first participant and when connected Press the More button 
  •  Press Conference 
  •  Dial the next number and when connected Press the More button 
  •  Press Conference  
  • Repeat for a total of 7 times  

To put a call on hold:
1. Press the Hold soft key.
2. To return to the call, press the Resume soft key.
3. If multiple calls are on hold, use the Navigation button to select the desired call before you press Resume.
4. If multiple calls on multiple lines are on hold, press the line   button for the line to which you want to switch and use the Navigation button to select the desired call. Press Resume.
Note: Because engaging the Hold feature generates music or a beepingtone, avoid putting a conference call on hold.

To transfer a call:
1. During a call, press the Transfer soft key. This puts the call on hold.
2. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call.
3. After the party answers, announce the call and press Transfer.
4.  Hang up.
Note: If the transfer fails, press the Resume soft key to return to the original call.
If you do not want to complete the transfer, press the End Calls (soft key), then press Hold (soft key) to return to the original call.

To transfer a caller directly to voicemail:
1.  Press the transfer button.
2.  Press * + the extension you are dialing.
3.  Press transfer again.

Direct Transfer
You can directly join two independent calls and immediately drop yourself from the call.  When you are connected to one call and have the other on hold:
1.  Use the Scroll key to highlight the call on  hold.
2.  Press DirTrfr (soft key)

To mute a call:
1. Press the Mute button.
2. To disengage mute, press Mute again or lift the handset.


To forward all calls to another number:
1. Press the CFwdAll soft key. You will` hear two beeps.
2. Enter the phone extension to which you want to forward the calls.  If you forwarding to an external phone or cell, be sure to include 71 at the beginning of the number you are entering.

To forward all calls to Voicemail:
1. Press CFwdAll soft key
2. Press Messages button
3. The display should now say “Forwarded to Voicemail” at the bottom.

To disable forwarding all calls to Voicemail:
Press CFwdAll soft key

Immediate Divert to Voicemail:
1. Press the iDivert softkey when a call is ringing
2. Call will go directly to your voicemail greeting

When there is no answer from another IP Phone or the extension is busy, the Callback feature can be used before the call is diverted:
Press Callback.  When the destination phone has been used again, indicating the user may be available to take call, then a message will appear on the caller's screen and will gen the option to Dial (soft key) the caller again.


You need to obtain a MeetMe number from the phone administrator.  The number is then distributed to participants in the conference to dial the number.  The initiator of the conference must dial the number first or participants get a busy signal.  This option can only be used internally.

Accessibility Help:  
1. Press the ? button once, then press a button or soft key.
2. Highlight a feature in the Directories, Settings, or Services menu, then press the ? button twice quickly.

Volume and Ringer Sound  
To adjust the ringer volume:
1. Press the up or down Volume button while the handset is in its cradle.

To adjust the handset, speakerphone, or headset volume:
During a call, press the up or down Volume button. Press the Save soft key to apply the new volume level to future call.

To change the ringer sound:
1. Press the Settings button.
2. Press 1 for User Preferences.
3. Press 1 for Rings
4. Use the Navigation button to scroll through the list of ring types and press the Play soft key to hear samples.
5. Highlight the ring you want, and then press the Select soft key.
6. Press the OK and Save soft keys.

Unity Voicemail Instructions:

Message Waiting Indicator
The red light on the phone indicates when a new voicemail has arrived.

To access your voicemail internally:
1. Press the Messages button and follow the voice instructions.
2. Press 1 is to play new messages. 

To access your voicemail from another phone:
1. Press Messages
2. Press *
3. Enter your extension and press #
4. Enter your password and press #

To access your voicemail from off campus:
1. Dial IVCC's number (18152242720).
2. When you hear the greeting to leave a message Press *.
3. Enter your extension followed by #.
4. Enter your password followed by #.

To send a voicemail without calling the intended party first:
1. Press Messages for voicemail access and enter password.
2. Press 2
3. Record message and press #.
4. Press # twice for send-by-extension number options.
5. Enter extension and # twice.
6. If only one recipient is intended, press # again right away.  Otherwise, enter next extension and # again and repeat.
7. Press # once again to send message.

To skip the voice mail message to go straight into a person's voice mail:
Press the # key.

Call Park - You can "park" a call when you want to store the call so that you or someone else can retrieve it from another phone in the Cicso CallManager system.

1. During a call, select More.
2. Press CallPark and hang up. Note CallPark number - either 777
or 778.

Pickup a CallPark call:
1. Dial 777 or 778(whichever number has the parked call) and select Dial.
2. The parked call will be picked up.

How do I Change my Password?
1. Log into your voice mailbox.
2. Press 4 for Set-Up Options
3. Press 3 for Personal Settings
4. Press 1 for Password Change
5. Follow the prompts
Passwords can be alphanumeric.

How do I change my Recorded Name?
1.  Log in to  your voice mailbox.
2.  Press 4-3-2
3.  At the tone, record your name, or press # to keep the current recording.
4.  Exit your mailbox by hanging up.

To Enter Speed Dial Numbers:
Go to:

  •  Login
  • Click on User Options and Select Device
  • Click on Speed Dials
  • Type in the number and give it a label.  Remember to put in the 7 and 1 if it is an external number.
  • Hit save.

To use Speed Dial:
Do not pick up the handset.  Hit the number of the person you want to dial.  Hit abbreviated dial and when it starts to ring pick up the handset.

Guest voice mail users click here for instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I change my voicemail greeting?
There are several greetings you can put on your voice mail:  Alternate, Busy, Internal, Closed and Standard.  Please refer to the following link at the Cisco web site: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_

I am going to be away for a few days, how do I set up a temporary voice mail?
Login to your messages and choose 4 for setup options, then press 1 for greetings.  Press 3 for Other greetings.  Follow the prompts to set up an Alternate greeting.

When dialing an external call, after putting in the 7 1 and then another digit, I am getting a dial tone?
The dial tone after the first 3 digits cannot be stopped, you just need to dial through it when calling an outside number.

How do I quickly go through saved messages to get to the message I want to listen to?
When you get into your saved messages, use the # key to forward to the next saved message.

I have several new messages, how can I quickly go to the next one without listening to the whole message.
Press the # key.


Messages on LED
If you see a message with X Missed Calls (X representing a number), this not voicemail. These are calls that you missed while you were away or on the phone. To access these calls, press the directories button on your phone, select Missed Calls from the list and review the list of missed calls. You may dial internal numbers by using the up and down arrow key and pressing the softkey button dial, external numbers will require 7, 1 so you'll need to write those down and dial direct.


Troubleshooting new phones - network connections
If new phone displays Ethernet Disconnected -  the user should unplug and plug in the SW switch cable from the bottom of the phone. While the phone is rebooting have the user shutdown and restart computer.