Room Control System

For ease of use, smart classrooms are equipped with a room control system.

Extron control panel

The lighted buttons are active.  When the projector is off, the Projector-Off button will be lit and the last used source (PC, Doc Cam, VCR) will be lit.

Note: The buttons are sensitive.  Press and hold the button for about two seconds to allow it time to register.

  1. Start Projector: Press and hold Projector-On.  
    The light will flash as the projector comes into focus.
  2. Turn on the equipment sources you will be using (PC, Doc Cam, VCR) with the regular switches on the equipment.
  3. Select (press and hold) the source you wish to project.
    The buttons switch what is being displayed on the projection screen.
  4. Adjust your volume (if necessary).