How do I get Software?

For Home/Personal Computer

The Learning Commons' Suggested Software page directs you to a variety of software that is freely downloadable from the Internet.   In addition, IVCC license agreements may allow employees to have copies of software on their home computers, provided specific criteria are met.

For Office Computer

The ITS Department manages campus-wide licenses for software.  Licensing conditions vary, some permitting installations on all campus computers (campus-wide agreements) and other software may be restricted to a set number of installations. 

For Program or Department

Departments or programs wishing to evaluate or purchase new software applications should always involve the ITS department to ensure compatibility with existing equipment, network configurations, and other software applications. 

The ITS Department will also help to identify other departments with similar needs who may be able to share the cost or other software that will serve the same purpose, which could save the program or department the expense of licensing and supporting new software.