IVCC Information and Reports

National Community College Benckmark Project (NCCBP)

IVCC 2015 Executive Report NCCBP
IVCC 2015 Report of National Aggregate Data NCCBP
IVCC 2015 Strengths and Opportunities Report NCCBP

Illinois Community College Board Underrepresented Groups Report

2016 ICCB Underrepresented Populations Report
2015 Underrepresented Populations Report
2014 Effective Practice Fast Track Math
2014 Effective Practice Athletic Attendance Trackers and Progress Reports
2013 Effective Practice Waitlisting
2013 Effective Practice Automatic Graduation
2012 Effective Practice
2011 Effective Practices
2010 Effective Practices

Illinois Community College Board Program Review

2015 Program Review Report
2014 Program Review Report
2013 Program Review Report
2012 Program Review Report
2011 Program Review Report
2010 Program Review Report
2009 Program Review Report
2008 Program Review Report
2007 Program Review Report
2006 Program Review Reoprt
2005 Program Review Reoprt

IPEDS Data Feedback Reports 

2015 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2014 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2013 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2012 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2011 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2010 IPEDS Data Feedback Report     
2009 IPEDS Data Feedback Report   
2008 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2007 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2006 IPEDS Data Feedback Report
2005 IPEDS Data Feedback Report

IVCC Facts

Sept. 2012 Quick Facts
Mar. 2012 Quick Facts     

2010 Quick Facts
2009 Quick Facts  
2008 Quick Facts
2007 Quick Facts  
2006 Quick Facts  
2005 Fact Book

IVCC Student Demographics Report

Fall 2011
Fall 2010
Fall 2009

Graduate Employment and Further Education

2005-2012 Career & Technical Follow Up Survey

Illinois Community College Board Performance Reports

2008 Performance Report
2007 Performance Report
2006 Performance Report
2005 Performance Report