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Psychology is a social science concerned with the systematic study of behavior and mental processes. Major areas of investigation include the biological roots of behavior and experience, learning, memory, cognition, intelligence, emotions, development, sexuality, how individuals influence each other, personality, and the nature and treatment of mental illnesses. A strong emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking skills so that these essential concepts can be investigated in an empirical, objective manner. Students who study psychology can expect to gain valuable insights into the behavior and experiences of friends, family, strangers, indeed, anyone and everyone, including animals.

A major in psychology will prepare a student for a variety of careers including the corporate, industrial, educational, governmental and health arenas. Of course, many will seek careers in academia, counseling, and mental health fields. In addition psychology can serve as the launching point for professions in law and medicine.   


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Full-time Faculty

brolley   Betsy Klopcic
Vince Brolley
Office: D313
Phone: 815.224.0401
  Betsy Klopcic
Office: D315
Phone: 815.224.0208

Dr. Richard Mangold
Office: D302
Phone: 815.224.0367
Full-time Faculty

Jill Urban-Bollis
Jill Urban-Bollis
Office D303
Phone 815.224.0429
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Part-time Faculty:

Sherry Dockins
Mike Lau 
Melissa McCarthy