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The performing arts at Illinois Valley Community College are very much alive!  IVCC’s Theatre Department holds many opportunities for students and community members to enrich their lives and develop skills in all areas of performance.  The Theatre Department has core transfer courses for those bound for continued studies at the college or University level: Introduction to Theatre, Acting I and Acting II, Theatre Production, Level I and Level II.  The Theatre Department hosts a variety of classes taught as independent studies: Playwriting, Oral Interpretation, Movement and Stage Combat.  The Theatre Department produces a main stage production each semester.  Along with this, The Theatre Department produces a Show Choir, whose focus is on performance of music and dance, a traditional choir, and a very active Improvisation performing group. The theatre faculty works hard to find creative outlets to utilize the talents of these groups and meet the needs of our community.  There are also many performance opportunities created through the student organization, SPAMO (Students of Performing Arts and Music Organization).  SPAMO works to help support the Improv Group, host talent showcases and open mic coffee houses, and facilitate community performance projects under the leadership of the theatre faculty.  The theatre department at IVCC awards a variety of theatre scholarships and tuition waivers.

Speech Communication is a required course of study for almost every program in higher education.

The study of speech has moved to even greater importance as the twenty-first century progresses.  The new information age bombards us with technology, electronic messaging, and a new global connectedness.  In this new world of information exchange industry, civic and political organizations, and educational institutions turn to the public speaker to keep the human element in the communication mix.  Every employer in the modern world seeks for, and rewards employees with good communication skills.  Our future is a world of training, retraining, development and growth.  Public communication is key in all of these areas.  The concepts taught in public communication prepare students to add their voice to the future and create a better quality of life for all.

At IVCC, SPH 1001, Fundamentals of Public Speaking and SPH 1204, Oral Communication Skills for Bus., Ind. & Tech are offered and in many fields of study is a prerequisite.

Information about the fundamentals course:

Speech 1001 is a course in fundamentals of speech in audience situations, with emphasis upon development of effective research, organization, and delivery of informative, analytical, and persuasive speeches.

This is a background course for speech performance designed to develop poise, confidence and ability in communication situations, with emphasis on organizing and presenting ideas, practice in making speeches, presentations, and group communication.

The purpose of this course is to help students become a more effective communicator.  You will participate in a variety of communication activities:  public speaking, small group, and interpersonal.  Students are expected to participate in class activities, discussions, to communicate in group activities, and participate in listening exercises.

Each student is required to publicly perform, using a prescribed set of criteria, which addresses the skills studied in the objectives.  Students will be assessed on a scale of rising expectations as the semester progresses, and are evaluated by performance and demonstrated knowledge of theory.


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