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Welcome to the Social Sciences at IVCC, offering courses in Anthropology and Sociology.  The mission of the Social Science faculty at IVCC is to help students of diverse backgrounds and goals cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to act as critical and informed members of their own communities, while gaining valuable insights into others.  These two disciplines are experiencing an explosion of interest around the world as employers in a rapidly changing and globalizing world seek to understand the contours of human cultural and social behavior.  Anthropology and Sociology courses are often cited by students as some of the most enjoyable and eye-opening they have taken in college.


Anthropology is the science of human culture.   How did we become human?  What does it mean to "be human" in various times and places?  Do the Inuit really have 40 words for snow?  Why do some cultures forbid certain foods?  


Sociology is the science of human society.  How do we organize ourselves and why?  What keeps societies stable, or causes societies to change?  Why do we make small talk in elevators?  Why can't we get rid of crime and inequality?


Join us in exploring these questions and so much more.  Feel free to call our Division Office at 815-224-0487 for more information.



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  Jared Olesen
Jared Olesen  
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