Geology Department

The Geology Department offers a standard two year sequence for those students majoring in geology. The department also offers support courses for other academic programs at the college.  The department takes students on several field trips each year and offers a mini-course on the Geology of LaSalle County through the Continuing Education Department. The department also works with the American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Chapter Chemistry Club in its rivers project.

Filed trip to Mattheissen Park


Geology 1006 - Oceanography
Geology 1007 - Environmental Geology
Geology 1008 - Physical Geology
Geology 1009 - Historical Geology

All of the above courses consist of a lecture, seminar, and laboratory format with the exception of Geology 1006, which is lecture only. The geology labs are carried out in an open laboratory setting, with an instructor on duty, where the students are allowed to work based on their own schedules. The students are expected to leave time in their schedules to complete the required laboratory work.

Students examine an outcrop of bedrock.

Geology Faculty

Michael Phillips - Mike_Phillips@ivcc.edu

B.S. - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale - 1986
M.A. - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale - 1990