Law / Government
judge, attorney, pre-law, etc.

The Cantlin Law Firm / Jack & Kathy Cantlin (part-time enrollment status eligible)
Eligibility Requirements
1. Pursuing a career in law, agriculture or education
2. Demonstrated leadership abilities and school or community service involvement

Louis & Minnie Faletti Memorial
Eligibility Requirements
1. Pursuing a law-related career
2. Minimum 3.00 GPA

Honorable Howard C. Ryan
Eligibility Requirements
1. IVCC district resident
2. Pursuing a career in law enforcement, criminal justice, law or a government-related field
3. Minimum 2.00 GPA

Honorable Fred P. Wagner Memorial
Eligibility Requirements
1. LaSalle County resident
2. Studying pre-law or other legal profession
3. Minimum 3.00 GPA