Computer Technology

Norbert J. Dudek Family
Eligibility Requirements
1. IVCC district resident
2. Pursuing a career in computer programming
3. Minimum 2.75 GPA

Illinois Valley Network User's Association
Eligibility Requirements
1. IVCC district resident
2. Registered in the Computer Network Administration A.A.S. degree or certificate program
3. Minimum 2.50 GPA

Lucille & Ethel Rottner Memorial
Eligibility Requirements
1. Graduated from L-P Township High School or St. Bede Academy
2. Sophomore status (30+ credit hours completed by end of Spring 2019)
3. Pursuing a computer technology related career
4. Minimum 3.00 GPA

Randy Swinford Legacy (part-time enrollment status eligible)
Eligibility Requirement
1. Pursuing a career in digital technology (i.e., CAD, computer networking, computer science, CNC, electronics/electrician, industrial electronics, office/computers, graphic design)
NOTE: Preference will be given to Princeton High School graduates, however, home-schooled and GED recipients may be considered.