College Knowledge Survey

  1. I am aware of at least 2 reasons why a college education is important.  
  1. I know how to apply to the college of my choice.
  2. I know when to start college transition activities.
  3. I know at least three major tasks that have to get done in order to start college.
  4. I know about how much tuition and books for an average semester at college will cost.
  5. I know how to find financial support for college.
  6. I know when to start applying for financial aid for college.
  7. I know the types of information I will need to provide in order to be considered for financial aid.
  8. I know what and placement is used for.
  9. I know at least two tools available to me to get ready for the placement test.
  10. I have a clear career goal.
  11. I know at least one resource for getting information about careers.
  12. I know at least two support services available to me at IVCC.
  13. I know how to dress for a job interview after I graduate from college.
  14. I know how to prepare a resume'.
  15. I know how to prepare for a job interview.
  16. I know how to comfortably and appropriately communicate with my instructors.
  17. I know where to locate information about policies, procedures, processes.
  18. I know where to locate information about specific courses needed for college majors or degrees
  19. I know the difference between a certificate program, an applied science degree, and a transfer degree.  
  20. I know how to sign up for my courses.