IVCC Foundation Scholarships

The Illinois Valley Community College Foundation awards several Foundation Scholarships which are funded by a series of endowments or annual gifts.

IVCC Foundation Scholarships are awarded in the Spring of each year for use in the Fall semester of the approaching academic year. Applications are available by contacting the IVCC Financial Aid Office January or February of each year.


Proceed With Caution               

There is a great deal of information on scholarships available to the public, without any cost. For this reason, IVCC cautions against sending money to Scholarship Search Companies which charge a fee. You may want to start your search by reading the FinAid page on Scholarship Scams for detailed information on disreputable scholarship agencies. In addition, FinAid's Scholarships page has a great deal of important information to consider before starting your search. Contact the IVCC Financial Aid Office if you have questions.

The IVCC Jacobs Library Reference section has a collection of materials on scholarships, as does the Financial Aid Office. Try your home or high school library, too.


Scholarship Searching

The following scholarship search sites listed below are all believed to be reputable and safe.

  • Several local and a few national organizations send their information to the Financial Aid Office.  Links to these scholarships are available here, use them as a resource in your search. 
  • The Illinois Student Assistance Commission - through ISAC student portal offers several scholarship search tools.
  • You may want to also visit the following scholarship search services.  These are all thought to be safe, however IVCC assumes no responsibility for your dissatisfaction.  Proceed with appropriate caution.

Financial Aid Reference Materials

Visit FinAid and review their very extensive listing of Financial Aid Reference Materials.  Many publications can also be found in public libraries and high school counselors' offices.