Financial Aid Resources and Links

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Helpful Phone Numbers
Local Resources
Financial Aid Internet Links


Helpful Phone Numbers

For financial aid information, please feel to contact the IVCC Financial Aid Office at IVCC: (815) 224-0438.

  • Federal Financial Aid Information Hotline: 1-800-433-3243 (1-800-4-FEDAID)
  • Illinois State Financial Aid Information: 1-800-899-4722 (1-800-899-ISAC)
  • Veterans Benefit Information: 1-888-442-4551


Local Resources

  • Business Employment Skills Team (BEST): Offers educational assistance (tuition, books, transportation), child care, tutoring, guidance and support, and job placement assistance.
  • Ottawa: (815) 433-4550
  • LaSalle: (815) 224-1586
  • Princeton: (815) 872-0255
  • Dixon: (815) 288-1260
  • LaSalle: (815) 224-1314
  • Dislocated Workers Center: Offers educational and training assistance to students who have experienced employment dislocation (e.g., plant closing, lay-off, etc.).
  • Illinois Valley Community College: (815) 224-0438
  • Illinois Valley Services: Offers career planning, parenting and job search skills, plus financial assistance for tuition, books, and travel to single parents, single pregnant women, and displaced homemakers.
  • Illinois Valley Community College: (815) 224-0347


Financial Aid Internet Links