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Chaya Spears, PhD


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Introduction to Anthropology (ANT-1000)  

Cultural Anthropology (ANT-1002)

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Society for Applied Anthropology

American Anthropological Association

Culture Unplugged--A website filled with interesting videos.

Wake Forest School of Medicine Research Faculty Webpage

Ethno Matters Associate Webpage

About Me

I am an applied cultural anthropologist and anthropology instructor.

I believe that an anthropological perspective is universally beneficial for those who seek to understand, live, or conduct business in our increasingly multicultural, global society.  I am passionate about the benefits of a scientific approach to anthropology and try to impart a similar passion to my students.  One of my truest joys is derived from working with students in our efforts to grapple with the empirical, cultural world and the ways that what we observe and learn can influence our beliefs, attitudes, interests and behavior.  My courses incorporate a great deal of lecture and discussion, as well as readings and film.  Students who enroll in my courses should expect to encounter a passionate instructor who is intent on helping her students understand the course material and its relevance to problem solving and every day life. 

My research experience and interests are broad and include:  industrial agriculture and the environment; tourism, economic development, and participatory planning methods; occupational and environmental health and health education; and program development and evaluation. I prefer multidisciplinary, community-based participatory research that emphasizes the importance of rigorous science to the design and implementation of meaningful, accurate, and effective programs, policies, and plans. I have a deep appreciation for the intimate and invaluable relationship between qualitative and quantitative methods and believe that sound qualitative data and analysis are foundational to meaningful and accurate quantitative understandings of behavior.  Currently, in addition to my teaching, I am employed as a research instructor at Wake Forest School of Medicine in the Department of Family & Community Medicine.  I am also a research consultant with the cooperative firm, Ethno Matters. 

Please peruse the above links for insights into anthropology, culture, or my professional background and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.