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Spring Semester-2018

**Cultural Anthropology

    We will be using Conrad Kottak's "Cultural Anthropology: Appreciating Cultural Diversity" 16th edition (McGraw Hill).  The bookstore has copies, but I'll warn you, it is $$$.  You are MORE THAN WELCOME to find this text anywhere else--rent, buy, view online--feel free to find a cheaper, earlier edition.  I don't mind.  I'll be assigning readings based on the 16th edition, but you'll be able to keep up just fine if you find the same 'topics' and chapters in earlier editions.  Save yourself some cash.


Intro. to Anthropology



Kottak, Conrad Phillip         2011       Anthropology: Appreciating Human Diversity. 14th edition. New York: McGraw Hill.


United States to 1865-His 2000

Keene, Jennifer D., et. al., Visions of America: A History of the United States. Vol. I To 1877, (Prentice Hall, 2012).


                Supplemental readings are found on Blackboard in each week’s “Activities”


Western Civilizations I--His 1000-100

Some Basics from my Online Course Syllabus---this should give you a basic understanding of expectations, policies, etc.

   Method(s) of Assessment (or a “how-to-guide” for you to EARN the grade you wish):

1.  Please think carefully about taking an online course. There is participation each session along with reading  AND we’ll also have written assignments. 

   -This is not a GO AT YOUR OWN PACE COURSE!!

   -This is not a class you can put off when you’re busy with face-to-face classes.

   -This is a class that you must keep up with, or face late penalties.

      -This is a class in which you MUST login several times a week to stay up to date, check for changes, and PARTICIPATE in discussions, some of which may be live.

     -This is not a warning of impending doom, but it is a realistic assessment of the course.

     -You will not spend three hours in class per week, as in a face-to-face class plus the outside prep-work and such. Instead, you will read and respond to Discussion Questions and interact with peers (and me) while also writing assignments.

     -I believe the class will be quite comparable in the time required to a face-to-face class—however, those who do not keep up will have a difficult time with the workload.


    -You must have regular and convenient access to a computer + the connections necessary to be online (go figure). Blackboard and other sites on the World Wide Web will be necessary for you to successfully meet the needs of this ONLINE course.

    - Although we (quite obviously) won’t be meeting face to face for discussions, I DO expect you to be prepared to participate in each weekly “unit.”  For this course to work effectively, you need to respond to questions and to those of your classmates within a designated time frame on the discussion boards.  All assignments will have clear deadlines.  Even though we’re not meeting at specific times weekly, the class DOES meet asynchronously. 

    -We will have the option to meet via an interactive website at times, which, hopefully, will facilitate discussions and the exchange of information—more on that later.

    -I expect you to login in several times a week, most likely every day, and at the very least, every other day.


We will have a short paper, 3-5 pages, and you will be given the topic well in advance of its due date.  It will incorporate research and primary sources.

We'll have 3 Exams, to be taken either in the Assessment Center or a (preselected/agreed upon) which combine Multiple Choice and Essay questions.  They will take a maximum of an hour and must be scheduled in advance.

Please have your photo ID for all testing appointments.

The last appointment is one hour before close.

Schedule your testing appointment at www.registerblast.com/ivcc.