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Emily Lesman


Voicemail: 815.224.2720 ext.8642


Course Description

This course is designed for those students who would like to develop basic arithmetic skills before beginning the Basic Algebra course or for those who would like to improve their reasoning and problem-solving skills.  Topics to be studied include whole numbers, exponents, prime numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, decimal numbers, ratios and proportions, percent, consumer applications, and an introduction to algebra.


Expected Student Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

1.         demonstrate a working knowledge of whole numbers

2.        demonstrate a working knowledge of factions

3.       demonstrate a working knowledge of decimals

4.       demonstrate a working knowledge of ratios and proportions

5.       demonstrate a working knowledge or percents

6.       demonstrate a working knowledge of basic equation solving

Required Texts and Materials

1.         MyMathLab coure component

2.        One spiral bound notebook for all assignments and class notes

3.       Writing utensil(s) and eraser(s)

Course Assignments

All assignments are to be completed and should be clearly labeled with the chapter and section numbers.  If you have questions about something from the homework be sure you have the questions copied down.  If you are emailing me with a question, please be specific.


Quizzes, announced or unannounced, may be given at any time at the instructor’s discretion.  Quizzes are typically given on the computer.  Calculators are not allowed unless otherwise noted by the instructor.


 Grade Distribution

 A = 91-100%

B = 82-90%

C = 75-81%

D = 65 – 74%

F = 64% or lower

Course Policies

 Attendance: This is a collaborative classroom that relies heavily on peer response and class activity.  As such, your attendance in every class is required.  If you must be absent, you are responsible for making up class work and assignments.  These assignments are due at the beginning of the next class period.  If you need to miss class you must contact me in advance.  Work will not be accepted unless I have acknowledged this contact, this included making up quizzes or tests.  Any missed work will receive a score of zero.

 A Note on Cell Phones…

                Since more and more students are using cellular phones, I feel that this subject needs to be addressed early on.  Phones must be kept on silent or be turned off.  They should also be kept in your pocket or bag during class. I understand that emergencies happen.  In this case, before class let me know you may need to take a call; if you do, leave the classroom to do so.   Do not answer the phone in class.  If your phone does ring while you are in class, you may be asked to leave class for the day.  If this occurs you will forfeit any points from that class period, this includes points for tests and quizzes.  This policy also includes text messaging and internet use.


                Cheating, copying, fabricating, or helping a classmate to cheat, copy, or fabricate will not be tolerated.  If you are caught doing any of these, you may be withdrawn from the course.  No exceptions!  In the event you are caught in any of these activities after the withdrawal date, you will be given an F for the course.

 Support Services

1.         Free on campus tutoring services available to all IVCC students.

2.        You may be eligible for academic accommodations if you have a physical, psychiatric, or cognitive disability.  If you have a disability and need more information regarding possible accommodations, please contact Tina Hardy and 224-0284, Judy Mika at 224-0350, or stop by office B-204 on the main campus.

 Extra Help

If you have questions regarding anything covered in class, please schedule a time to meet with me.  If you are unable to meet with me, stop by Peer Tutoring in the Learning Commons for additional help or to have questions answered.



As college students, you are expected to withdraw from class if it becomes necessary.  I will not do this for you.  The last date for student withdrawal for the 16 week session is April 10.  You are able to complete this process on your own, but please email or speak with me prior to withdrawing.




The course syllabus is a guideline for the schedule of the course.  Modifications will be made at the instructor’s discretion.  Check MyMathLab for any announcements regarding changes to due dates or scheduled tests and quizzes.


Group work is used as a part of this course.  Each individual will receive credit for any group work; however, the group may receive a grade as a whole.  Remember to work cooperatively (together) rather than separately.  Share thoughts and ideas with kindness and tact, be helpful.


Link to MTH 0900 course schedule