Eva Harvey



Eva Harvey - Adjunct Philosophy/English Instructorcampus outside

Office: By appointment only.
E-mail: eva_harvey@ivcc.edu 

Class Information for the Spring 2014 semester. 

PHL 1001:
By listening to lectures and studying the texts, students will be exposed to and engaged in a broad and intensive study of philosophy. Although the emphasis will be on western thought, they will be exposed to alternative views and the basics of non-western philosophy. Students will become familiar with and come to understand the essential features of philosophic thought. They will learn to define philosophy and to understand metaphysics, epistemology, and questions of God.
PHL 1002:
An examination of moral aspects of human conduct, and a study of ethical principles for moral evaluation.  Surveys ethical theory from antiquity to the present. Students will engage in critical thinking, application, and learn about ethical theory from past and present. 


I wish everyone the best of luck this semester and I can't wait for us to learn together! If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me wither via e-mail, Blackboard, or my phone number. Please make sure to provide me with your name, class you are enrolled in, and a detailed description of your question/s so that I can respond in an effective, timely manner. Have fun! :)