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 Anatomy and Physiology II




Unit One: 
     Blood Cells

     Blood Tests

     Human Heart

     Calf Heart

  Cardiovascular Physiology


Unit Two:    

  Histology of the Blood Vessels

     Human Arteries

     Human Veins

     Cat Arteries

     Cat Veins

     Lymphatic (Lymphoid) System

Blood Vessels


Unit Three: 

     Human Respiratory System

     Cat Respiratory System

     Human Digestive System

     Cat Digestive System

     Chemical Aspects of Digestion: Demonstration of Enzyme Activity

Unit Four:

     Nutrition Facts Label Analysis

     Body Fat, Ideal Body Weight, and BMI Calculations

     Human Urinary System

     Pig Kidney Gross Anatomy


     Reproductive System

     Cat Reproductive and Urinary Systems


Unit One:

Chapter 11 (The Cardiovascular System: Blood)

Chapter 12 (The Cardiovascular System: The Heart)

Unit Two:  Chapter 13 (The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels and Circulation) Chapter 14 (The Lymphatic System and Immunity)


Unit Three:

Chapter 15 (The Respiratory System) Chapter 16 (The Digestive System)

Chapter 17 (Metabolism and Energetics)

Unit Four:

Chapter 18 (The Urinary System)

Chapter 19 (The Reproductive System)