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Anatomy & Physiology I



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Unit One: 

      Body Organization and Terminology

      Organs and Organ Systems:  Models

      Care and Use of the Compound Light Microscope 

      Cells:  Cell Model and Mitosis Models

      Movement of Substances Across the Cell Membrane:  Movement of Substances Across the Cell Membrane


     Integumentary System:  Skin Model
Unit Two:
     The Skeletal System: Bones
     Articulations of the Skeleton
     Knee Joint

Unit Three:   
     Human Nervous System
     Sheep Brain
     Human Eye
     Cow or Sheep Eye
     Human Ear
     Endocrine System


Unit Four:
     Human Muscles
     Origins, Insertions, and Actions
     Cat Muscles

muscle models

Unit One:  
     Chapter 1 (An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology)
     Chapter 2 (The Chemical Level of Organization)
     Chapter 3 (Cell Structure and Function)
     Chapter 4 (The Tissue Level of Organization)

Unit Two:  
     Chapter 5: (The Integumentary System)
     Chapter 6: (The Skeletal System)
     Chapter 7 (The Muscular System)
Unit Three:
     Chapter 8 (The Nervous System)
Unit Four:  
     Chapter 9 (The General and Special Senses)
     Chapter 10 (The Endocrine System)