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CSG 1202 Welcome Letter

Welcome to Photoshop

I am excited about your semester of learning about Photoshop CS5.  I hope you are too!  Photoshop can be a challenging program so be sure to plan plenty of time for this class in your week!  You will need to know a couple of things in order to get started.

1. If this is your first IVCC online class, you are required to take the online orientation.  Failure to complete this means you will be dropped from the class.   Please see for more information.

2. You will need to meet the technology skills requirements to be successful in class.

  • A working knowledge of a computer and the windows operating system.  You should know how to use a mouse, standard menus and commands and be able to open, close and save files.
  • You will need to be able to access Adobe Photoshop CS5.  Either at IVCC’s Learning Commons  or using your own version.  The program does not come with the book.
  • You will need to be able to access a DVD drive.  Either at the college lab in the Learning Commons or using your own computer at home or work. 
  • Access to the Internet either at the college in the Learning Commons or at home.

3. You will need to purchase the textbook.

4.  We are using Photoshop CS5.  You will need to be able to access the program on a regular basis throughout the semester.   It is available at IVCC in the Learning Commons. Photoshop CS5 does not come with the book.  The CD that comes with the book contains files and videos that go along with the text.

5.. Please ask for help or assistance!  I am always available by email at