Qualifications to teach an IVCC dual credit course

As stated in Section 20 (1) of the Dual Credit Quality Act

    Instuctors teaching credit-bearing college-level courses for dual credit must meet the same academic credential requirements as faculty teaching on campus and need not meet certification requirements set out in Article 21 of the School Code.


As stated in the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Memorandum of Understanding 4. that was signed by IVCC and the High School

    a. For transferable courses, the instructor must possess a Master's Degree in the specific subject area.  A master's Degree in any area will be considered if there are 18+ credit hours at the graduate level in the subject area.

    b. For a career & technical education course, the instructor must possess a Bachelor's Degree in the subject area or related field and 2,000 hours of (on the job) work experience.


Prior to the scheduling of any dual credit/dual enrollment courses, all instructors must submit an up-to-date resume, a copy of relevant transcripts, and a completed IVCC Dual Credit application form (see below) for employment to the college's Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Coordinator (Susan Monroe) to hold on file in the college's office of Human Resources.

Dual Credit Instructor Application Form