Course Materials

The IVCC Bookstore is your first stop for course materials. There you may purchase your textbooks, and obtain other optional or required texts. 

For online courses, you will find your course outline on your instructor's web site.

If you are in the telecourse GEL 1006, your next stop is Jacobs Library, where you will pick up your telecourse packet containing a video set, Course Syllabus, and Course Orientation Sheet.  Upon presenting your current student ID, you will be loaned the above materials for the semester.  Video sets are to be returned to the library by the 15th day of the last month of the semester.  A fee of $40.00 will be assessed if the video sets are not returned.

 Consult your course outline for further details.  The Jacobs Library and the Assessment Center have a copy of each Course Syllabus that you may view or copy.


What materials you will need to take a telecourse and online call and where you can get them and what they will cost.
 What you'll need  Where you can get it  What it will cost
 Course Syllabus

Telecourses:  Jacobs Library (GEL 1006 only)

Syllabus will be mailed MGT 2010 & MKT 1210 students

Online Courses:  Course Web site

No charge. 
Course Orientation Sheet  Telecourses:  Jacobs Library (GEL 1006 only)

Course Orientation Sheet will be mailed MGT 2010 & MKT 1210 students
No charge. 
 Textbook and/or Coursepack IVCC Bookstore  Varies by course. 
Study Guide  IVCC Bookstore  Varies by course.  Not available for all courses. 
Videos (VCD or DVD available for some courses)  IVCC Jacobs Library (GEL 1006 only)

Not all courses have a video component.

Student ID required.

No Charge.

Video sets must be returned at the end of semester to avoid $40.00 replacement.

You can also purchase your textbooks online by following the prompts at the IVCC Bookstore Web site. Bookstore hours, the refund policy, and more tips on bookstore services are listed in the Schedule of Classes or on the Bookstore Web site.

Whether buying your books in person or online, you will want to have your Registration Statement/Schedule handy. This contains your course number and course name.

You can sell your books back to the bookstore during Bookstore Buyback. Buyback prices are determined by the publisher and are based on demand for the individual textbook. The buyback period is generally at the end of the semester. The official buyback period is your only opportunity to sell back your texts.