Frequently Asked Telecourse Questions

Are there BlackBoard instructions?

Yes! - Blackboard Instructions

How do I register?

Register on campus, phone (815) 224-0447 or by mail.  Be sure to indicate TEL behind the course(s) when registering by mail.


Where do I get materials for this class?

The books for your telecourse class can be obtained at the IVCC Bookstore.  The syllabus and videos are available at the Jacobs Library (student ID required).  The syllabus will list the textbooks needed for the course.

How do I get a student ID?

IVCC Student Photo ID photos are taken in the registration office.  An IVCC Student Photo ID can be made without a photo upon request by calling 224-0451 but will necessitate another picture ID to confirm identity.


Where do I take my tests?

Tests can be taken at IVCC's Assessment Center. Please make an appointment.  Tests cannot be started with less than one hour before closing time to ensure everyone time to complete the exam.  You will  need to show your Student ID. 

Your instructor will establish test dates on the course outline for the class.  If you have difficulty meeting these dates, contact your instructor.


For more information on Telecourses call (815) 224-0451 or email the Learning Technologies office.