How do you take a test for a Distance Learning course?  Tests can be provided online or on paper.  The method your instructor uses will be explained in the course outline.

Online quizzes and tests

Generally quizzes and tests for online courses are done online, in Blackboard or another online learning platform, such as Pearson MyLab or McGraw-Hill Connect. These can be timed, and can be programmed to be available for limited dates or time of day.

Some tests require special browsers or web cams.  Your instructor will make you aware of these requirements.

For more infomation, see Taking Tests Online.

Proctored Exams

Exams, both paper-and-pencil or online, may require proctors to monitor you while you are taking your tests.

  1. Proctored exams can be taken at the Assessment Center on the main campus or at the Ottawa Center. If unable to travel to campus, see information for Alternate Proctoring Arrangements
  3. Your IVCC Student ID is required for testing.
  4. Tests will not be given to students who allow less than one hour to complete their exam.
  5. Allow yourself more time if you feel it is necessary.
  6. You will be asked to leave your book bags and materials with the staff.
  7. You will be asked to sit in a designated area.
  8. The Assessment Center forwards your paper test to the instructor.

The IVCC Assessment Center
(815) 224-0542

Scheduled appointments required.


More Information

Final Exam Schedule
Alternate Proctoring Arrangements  For students who are unable to travel to campus. 
Taking Tests Online