How do you take a test for a Distance Learning course?  Tests can be provided online or on paper.  The method your instructor uses will be explained in the course outline.

Students residing outside of the area should also review the Arranging Testing Services page.  Contact the Distance Learning Office with questions about the form (Emily_Vescogni@ivcc.edu or 815-224-0462).

Online quizzes and tests

Software is available to allow instructors to develop quizzes or tests to be taken on the Internet. Generally you will go to a specific Web address, log on, and select or input appropriate responses to questions presented. These can be timed, and can be programmed to be available for limited dates or time of day.

How are they used? Online quizzes and tests can be used in a variety of ways. Some instructors will use these in place of traditional paper-and-pencil tests. Others will provide quizzes for your benefit, so you can check your understanding of course materials.

Instructors may still opt for traditional paper-and-pencil tests. More information about making testing arrangements is provided in Section 4, Making Progress. See Taking Tests Online.

Paper-and-Pencil tests

Just as in a regular classroom you will be monitored as you are taking your paper-and-pencil exams. You will use the Assessment Center, which is located in Room E218.

Your course syllabus provides testing deadlines.

Here are some important reminders about the testing process.

  1. Your IVCC Student ID is required for testing.
  2. Plan ahead—verify the Assessment Center hours before traveling.
  3. Arrive at the center at least one hour before closing time (sooner if you will need longer than one hour to complete the exam).
  4. Tests will not be given to students who allow less than one hour to complete their exam.
  5. Allow yourself more time if you feel it is necessary.
  6. You will be asked to leave your book bags and materials with the staff.
  7. You will be asked to sit in a designated area.
  8. The Assessment Center forwards your test to the instructor.

The instructor grades your test and provides you with the results within approximately 10 working days. Holidays and events that affect the postal system will also impact the turn-around time on your receipt of a grade. If you grow concerned, please contact your instructor.

IVCC Assessment Center

The IVCC Assessment Center
(815) 224-0542

Scheduled appointments required. Students should arrive at least one hour before close.

More Information

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