Registration and Withdrawal

You can register for your course in person, by phone, or online. Details about registration are outlined in the Schedule of Classes or online on the Admissions page. More information is available by contacting the Records Office. If you plan to transfer to a four-year institution, you will want to discuss how this course fits into your educational plan with your counselor

Online students pay the regular in-district tuition rate.  The out-of-district tuition rate applies to telecourse students residing outside of the IVCC College district. 

Once you are enrolled, it is your responsibility to meet the expectations of the course. If for any reason you are unable to do so, you have two options: Drop or Withdraw.

You may drop the course before the drop date and receive a refund on tuition. Do so by contacting the Records Office directly. When you drop a course it is not recorded on your official transcript. More information is available in the Schedule of Classes or by calling the Records Office.

To receive a refund on textbooks for fall or spring courses, return the text with a cash register receipt within 10 days of the start date of the course. For summer courses, return the text within 5 days of the start date. All students receive a copy of the bookstore return policy attached to your cash register receipt.

The end of the drop period is signaled by the start of the Withdraw Period.  This date varies from course to course and is listed on your class schedule.

Once you are beyond the drop date, we assume you are there to stay and we want to help you succeed.  Your best approach is to talk to your instructor to discuss your options for getting back on track.

After the drop period, you may withdraw from the course.  It is wise to discuss this decision with your instructor. You may complete the formal request through WebAdvisor.  Your instructor may also reserve the right to withdraw you from a course if you are not making satisfactory progress.  Your instructor will communicate his or her withdrawal policy in the course syllabus. When you withdraw from a course, you receive a grade of W on your grade report and transcript. There is no negative impact on your grade point average, however there is not a refund of tuition money.   These policies are explained further in the College Catalog and in the Student Handbook.

Dropping or withdrawing from a course can impact your eligibility for

  • Financial Aid
  • Participation in sports
  • Graduation
  • Family health insurance plans or discounts on insurance