Class Schedules and Assignments

Schedules?  Yes, you will have deadlines.  Each instructor prepares a course syllabus that contains the course schedule and explanation of any assignments and tests.  Read the course syllabus thoroughly. It is your guide to the course. If you have questions, they should be directed to the instructor.

Each instructor treats assignment and test deadlines as they see fit.

Number One Distance Learning Myth:  Distance learning courses are self-paced.

Many courses, especially online courses, have rigorous schedules that will need to be adhered to closely.  Online students are often required to log into the system a few times each week to submit assignments and participate in discussions.  If circumstances prevent you from meeting the schedule you should contact your instructor immediately.

Assignment information is presented within the course Blackboard, on the instructor web site, or in the course syllabus. Students without a home Internet service may use the IVCC Learning Commons or Jacobs Library.

Your instructor may also ask that you travel to IVCC at least once to participate in an on campus activity. This may be in the form of a class orientation, a test review session, or a personal conference. Your instructor will provide the details.

Remember, to keep on schedule, you will need to find 10-15 hours per week to spend on your course and log in 3-5 days per week.  Those numbers are higher for summer semesters.