Faculty and Staff

Part of the Disability Services Office's mission is to assist staff and faculty in the process of accommodating students with disabilities.This page has been created to assist you in providing an equitable, accessible, and enriching classroom experience for the students with disabilities you may teach.  

Rights and Responsibilities

Know the rights and responsibilities of the IVCC community as well as those of the students you may work with.

 Sample Syllabi Statements 

Faculty are an indispensable tool for guiding students who may need accommodations to our office.  One of the most effective ways of doing that is by simply having a statement on your syllabi that informs students of our existence.  You'll find a variety of sample statements  to choose from.   

Oral Test Reading Form

Please include this with all tests that are being taken in the Disability Services office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the link above for answers to common questions about how to navigate the accommodations process.  


If you'd like more information and resources about teaching college students with disabilities please visit our resources page. 

Note Taking Procedure

1. We will indicate the need for a note taker on the student's accommodation sheet. Students may need note takers for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to: physical disabilities, processing speed difficulties, attention problems, or temporary disabilities.

2. If you have Power Point or lecture notes that can be made available to the student prior to each class period, this sometimes alleviates the need to have a note taker. If you are willing and able to provide copies of your Power Point or lecture notes, please ask this student if this would be preferable to hiring a note taker. If so, please inform Tina Hardy of this preference via e-mail.

3. We ask that the student remind you of their need rather than just simply hand you the sheet. Please note that we also tell students that they should take notes in class to the best of their ability and use the note taker's notes as a back-up or double-check. In no way are note taking services a complete substitute for attendance or note taking efforts in class.

4. Please make an announcement in class regarding the need for a note taker. Do not use the student's name. Just please mention the need. You can also mention that students who do note taking will be compensated at the rate of $16 per credit hour. Pay will be pro-rated if they only take notes for half a semester or less. If students want to be paid they need to come to the Disability Services Office, C-211, to fill out paperwork, get a job description, and learn about our process/procedure. Please note that student note takers are given access to a departmental copy machine.  Below we have provided a note taking request statement for your convenience.   

5. If no one volunteers, please watch for students that appear to be engaged in note taking and/or who appear to be otherwise focused and tuned into class. Approach them and ask them if they would consider taking note for a student. You can ask to see their notes to verify the quality if you'd like.

6. If this approach still yields no results, we may ask that you provide a copy of your lecture notes/power point for the student in need since we are, by law, required to provide access to course content and materials for eligible students.

Oftentimes, once we issue the accommodation paperwork out of our office we don't always know as soon as we'd like whether our students have made the note taking connection they need (sometimes the volunteer note taker will come to our office, but sometimes students don't (because they forget, because they don't want to be paid, etc...). We ask our students to stay on top of the process and keep us informed. However, we could also use your help. If you are struggling to find someone, could you please let us know? That will keep us in the loop and alert us to the fact that we may have to intervene or come up with an alternate strategy at some point.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Tina Hardy (224-0284).


Note Taker Request Statement:

 There is currently the need for a note taker in this course.  Your notes will be shared with at least one fellow classmate who has an academic accommodation for a note taker. In addition to helping out, you’ll earn a modest stipend just for sharing your notes! The stipend is dependent on the number of credit hours for the course and is paid at the end of the semester,  upon completion of services.  If you take good notes and have an excellent attendance record, please see me. I will review your notes and course attendance.  Upon approval, I will refer you to the Director of Disability Services.