Faculty and Staff

Part of the Disability Services Office's mission is to assist staff and faculty in the process of accommodating students with disabilities.This page has been created to assist you in providing an equitable, accessible, and enriching classroom experience for the students with disabilities you may teach.  

Rights and Responsibilities

Know the rights and responsibilities of the IVCC community as well as those of the students you may work with.

 Sample Syllabi Statements 

Faculty are an indispensable tool for guiding students who may need accommodations to our office.  One of the most effective ways of doing that is by simply having a statement on your syllabi that informs students of our existence.  You'll find a variety of sample statements  to choose from.   

Oral Test Reading Form

Please include this with all tests that are being taken in the Disability Services office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the link above for answers to common questions about how to navigate the accommodations process.  


If you'd like more information and resources about teaching college students with disabilities please visit our resources page.