Mental Heath Psychiatric Verification FormMental Heath Psychiatric Verification Form

Office of Disability Services Forms

The Disability Services Office has a variety of forms available that students need to facilitate their services.  

New and Returning Students 

Students with AD/HD and Psychological Disabilities

  • Students with AD/HD and Pyschological Disabilities are required to submit a completed Mental HealthVerification Form annually.
  • No accommodations will be approved or enacted until the Mental Health Verification Form has been reviewed and accepted as legal documentation by the Disabilities Services Office.
  • Print and return the form after your certified licensed professional has completed the .  Mental Heath Psychiatric Verification Form

          Students with Medical and Physical Disabilities

  • Students with Physical and Medical Disabilities are required to submit a completed Physical and Medical Verification Form unless the student's last high school IEP and Psychological report indicate the medical and/or physical disability is permanent.
  • Print and return the form after your certified licensed professional has completed the verification of a Physical or Medical Disability  .

          Students with a Temporary Disability 

  •  Although no one likes to consider the possibility of an injury or surgery, a student may find that they are faced with this unexpected situation during the semester.
  • Request an appointment for an intake session with the Disabilities Services Office staff.    


    Note Taker Forms


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