Executive Administration

Name Title Office,
Phone Number
Dr. Jerry Corcoran
President C-302
(815) 224-0404
Dr. Deborah Anderson
Vice President for Academic Affairs C-310
(815) 224-0405
Cheryl Roelfsema
Vice President for Business Services and Finance C-334
(815) 224-0419
Mark Grzybowski
Associate Vice President for Student Services CTC-203
(815) 224-0393
Sue Isermann
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dean of Workforce Development
Ottawa Center Administrator
(815) 224-0408


Administrative Cabinet

Name Title Office,
Phone Number
Harold Barnes
Director of Information and Technology Services C-118
(815) 224-0450
Fran Brolley
Director of Community Relations and Development C-203
(815) 224-0524
Bonnie Campbell
Dean of Health Professions and Interim Director of Nursing Programs (815) 224-0481
Scott Curley
Director of Facilities A-111
(815) 224-0378
Sara Escatel
Director of Adult Education E-319
(815) 224-0355
Ron Groleau
Dean of Natural Sciences and Business A-216
(815) 224-0482
Mark Grzybowski
Director of Admissions and Records C-214
(815) 224-0437
Chris Herman
Director of Student Support Services E-312
(815) 224-0593
Brian Holloway
Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences E-210
(815) 224-0491
Glenna Jones
Director of Human Resources C-322
(815) 224-0230
Beverly Malooley
Director of Small Business Development Center Building 11
(815) 224-0212
Quintin Overocker
Director of Admissions, Records, and Transfer Services CTC-101B-
(815) 224-0437
Jennifer Scheri
Interim Director of Business and Industrial Services C-331
(815) 224-0428
Robyn Schiffman
Dean of English, Mathematics, and Education B-206
(815) 224-0433
Emily Vescogni
Director of Learning Technologies D-206
(815) 224-0462
Patty Williamson
Director of Financial Aid C-222
(815) 224-0440